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2nd Dance Education Biennale - Tanzplan Deutschland. Modells of reconstruction. Panel / Perfromances / Workshops1765

Project description1766
The 2nd Dance Education Biennale/Tanzplan Deutschland took place from the 2nd to the 8th of March 2010 in Essen at Folkwang Universitt for Music, Theatre, Dance, Design, Academic Studies and PACT Zollverein. This years topic, Modelle der Rekonstruktion (Models of Reconstruction), was set at the 1st Biennale in 2008 in Berlin.

Until recently, the history of modern, contemporary dance could be read at most in books or in dance archives. The great works vanished into the obscurity of the past. Artists main interest focused on work in the here and now. The reconstruction and retention of choreographies in the repertoires of their own or other companies is increasingly popular among choreographers. The 2nd Dance Education Biennale/Tanzplan Deutschland in the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen was devoted to this topic. Students from seven German dance institutions worked on reconstructions in dance over seven days, giving an impression of their respective institutions artistic approach to this topic. The schools and students participating were Folkwang Universitt for Music, Theatre, Dance, Design, Academic Studies // Cologne University of Music and Dance // Frankfurt University of Music and the Performing Arts // Cooperative Dance Education Centre Pilot Project Tanzplan Berlin // Palucca School Dresden - Hochschule fr Tanz // Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts / Akademie des Tanzes (Dance Academy).

International guest teachers illustrated further aspects of the topic of reconstruction in workshops. Olga de Sotos workshop delt with Grner Tisch by Kurt Jooss, Jo Ann Endicott worked with students on Pina Bauschs Kontakthof, Prof. Dr. Claudia Jeschke revisited Nijinsky and Norah Zuniga Shaws workshop was about Forsythes Synchronous Objects and Alice Condodina offered a workshop about Limn Repertoire.

The programme opened on the 2nd of March with a 21st century classic: Jrme Bels The show must go on, which has been studied by students from the Folkwang Hochschule, the host institution. On the 3rd of March students from the dance institutions presented works on reconstruction that they had developed in advance and on the 4th of March Frauenballett by Susanne Linke, which has been rehearsed with the Folkwang Tanzstudio, was performed.

PACT Zollverein was also involved. A double programme was presented there on the 5th of March: Im (Goldenen) Schnitt I by Cesc Gelabert, reconstructing a Gerhard Bohner piece, followed by A Mary Wigman dance evening with young choreographer Fabian Barba. Events here were concluded with the Mathilde Monnier companys recently premiered piece Pavlova 323 on the 7th of March.

The 2nd Biennale also featured a conference on the topic of Reconstruction at PACT Zollverein, moderation Prof. Dr. Gerald Siegmund. Films, discussions and lecture demonstrations rounded out the comprehensive programme.

For further informations please contact Beate Sokoll 0049-(0)177-318 81 30, Dr. Rita Kramp 0049-(0)160-95 2222 13, or go to biennale2010(a)folkwang-uni.de

The 2nd Dance Education Biennale/Tanzplan Deutschland was a joint project involving the Folkwang Universitt for Music, Theatre, Dance, Design, Academic Studies, Ausbildungskonferenz Tanz, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Tanzplan Deutschland an initiative created by the German Federal Cultural Foundation, and RUHR.2010 European Capital of Culture.1767

Tanzplan Deutschland