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As part of its project The Cultural Legacy of Dance, Tanzplan Deutschland has made numerous suggestions for improving the handling of this cultural legacy. The proposal for this new Internet platform is based on several years of development in partnership with the German Dance Archives.

Digital Dance Atlas, initiated by Tanzplan Deutschland, responds to the expectations of artists, scientists and those members of the public who are interested in dance. It offers viewing of full-length dance works and access to treatises covering many aspects of dance, and the history of dance since 1900, with a particular focus on Germany. An additional area has been set aside for documentations and thematic dossiers. There are also plans for an overview of the sites, institutions and collections where you can access dance sources. The Digital Dance Atlas platform is not a replica of any existing collection but is the first step in the development of a cross-institutional knowledge network.
Existing collections as well as individuals who want to make documents, films, witness accounts and artistic works of dance available to the public are eligible to work on the project. Important here is the use of international data standards in order to make the make the documents available to other knowledge portals and vice versa, and to be able to benefit from those other networks.

The prototype Digitaler Atlas Tanz is online since February, 2011.

Idea, concept and implementation: Marguerite Joly, Franz Anton Cramer (both Tanzplan Deutschland)
Concept co-work and design: Katrin Schoof and Dorothe Guther
Software development, data architecture and metadata: basis5 / Matthias Zipp and Lars Mller

The Digital Atlas Dance prototype is a Tanzplan Deutschland project.3002

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